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Solid oak Mouldings, Cover Strips, to match all hardwood floors available unsealed. Solid hardwood Cover Strips are designed to cover expansion gaps leaving a neat finish. Call for best prices on bulk orders 0800 195 66 20

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Solid Oak Cover Strips,Quadrant, Scotia Beading are  used to cover the top of expansion gaps between the new flooring and the existing skirting. Lay and fix the beading to the floor or skirting to cover the expansion gap. Please contact Floordealer for any laying advise. Measurements for the Cover strips are as follows 40mm width and 5mm thick coming in random lengths. Available un sealed so you can finish them to suit your flooring. Solid Oak Quadrant also at 20mm x 20mm and minimum length at 2.1m. The oak Quadrant profile curves outwards which is convex and the Scotia Bead is concaved to create an inward curved profile. Also sold pre sealed or unsealed.
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