Oak Mouldings

Oak Mouldings
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Oak Mouldings Collection

Cork Strip 14 x 10mmCork Strip 14 x 10mm Cork Strip 22 x 12mmCork Strip 22 x 12mm Cover StripsCover Strips Oak QuadrantOak Quadrant Oak ReducerOak Reducer Oak ScotiaOak Scotia Oak TbarOak Tbar Oak Window BoardsOak Window Boards Pipe FerulesPipe Ferules

Solid Oak Scotia and Quadrant Beading are also used to cover the top of expansion gaps between the new flooring and the existing skirting. Lay and fix the beading to the existing skirting to cover gap. Measurements for the Scotia Beading as follows 19mm x 19mm minimum lengths of 2.1m available un sealed or pre sealed. Solid Oak Quadrant also at 19mm x 19mm and minimum length at 2.1m. The oak Quadrant profile curves outwards which is convex and the Scotia Bead is concaved to create an inward curved profile. Also sold pre sealed or unsealed.


Solid Oak Accessories

T-Bar is used in doorways and helps give a neat transition from room to room when both floor levels are the same. But allowing expansion gaps either side of the flooring with a T Bar Suitable for 18mm, 20mm and 21mm thick Solid Hardwood and Engineered Flooring. Overall width size of the T-Bar 55mm and 18mm high with a rounded top. Available un sealed or Pre sealed.


Solid Oak Thresholds / Reducer also helps to give a neat transitions between doorways when floor levels differ as expansion gaps must be left this can also be used with expansion cork strips. Overall width size 39mm and 18mm high from bottom to underside of the lip and 9mm high on the other side to allow for carpets, tiles ect in lengths of 1.00m and 2.00m. Available pre sealed or unsealed See Granwax Sealants for wax oils and sealants.


Expansion cork strip comes in sizes of 22mm x 14mm and 14mm x 10mm and length sizes .900. Ideal to use around e.g. toilet base when it cannot be moved to allow expansion or between the floor and fireplace or any other obstacles adjacent to the floor boards. If the door linings are already in place and the expansion gap is needed use cork strip if the lining cannot be cut to suit.


Solid Oak Pipe Ferrules (other species also available if needed please contact Sales@Floordealer.co.uk for availability). Pipe Ferrules are used around the radiator pipes by placing over the pipe and onto the floor. Or if the radiators are already fitted snap the pipe ferrules in 2 halves and place around the pipe gluing the ferrules together this will help to give a clean professional finish to your floor. Seal with Granwax Sealers.













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