Oak Engineered Brushed and Oiled

Oak Engineered Brushed and Oiled Range

Brushed & Burnt Oak Flooring, Oiled Oak Flooring, Sealed Oak Flooring, Solid Oak Boards, Granwax Sealers, Unsealed Boards, call 0800 195 66 20 for best prices.

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 Brushed and Oiled floorboards which gives a unique Antique look to your floor.

Each board on this range is brushed with wire brushes to lift the grain to give a greater texture to the flooring. Pre sealing the floor boards with oil will darken the look and blend all the natural colour tones of the timber. The oil will also magnify the grain and emphasize the natural character of the timber. This works well on the all Prime and rustic grades particularly on Natural Oak, Natural Walnut and on the Smoked Oak adding to the all character of the timbers to give a true Antiqued appearance. All these floor boards are left with a smooth surface finish making them ideal to walk on bare footed without splinters.

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