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Solid Walnut Flooring Character Pre Sealed or Un sealed Boards lacquered finish will leave the boards lighter in colour as it blends all the tones together leaving a durable finish to your floor. Oil will darken your floor and emphasize the grain it will require a little more maintenance than the lacquered finish but will still be durable. Walnut timber is classed as a hardwood but is not as dense as other hardwoods and will show more movement between the boards. FloorDealer only Pre seals up to 140mm x 20mm due to natural movement levels if you have concerns then see our Walnut engineered range or contact us for more fitting and product advise. Character grade will have knotting and natural colour variation typical to the walnut including some sapwood. This will help to give a greater contrast between the colours in the boards. The Boards can have a micro bevel along the length sides only( or if unsealed you have the choice of a square edged board this will give a closer fit to the boards) this will give a planked effect to your floor but still showing the length of each board. To help reduce waste the boards will come in random lengths and tongue and grooved all the way around the board. This will give a better fit and help reduce waste when fitting. Add warmth, Character and Elegance to any room modern or period. For more technical advice please contact FloorDealer where we will only be too pleased to help. 

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